Can I Shoot this Match?
by Jake Mensing

The following should be read as a flow-chart.

  1. Do you have a rifle?
    • If yes, go to 2. It's not very important what rifle it is. We have had shooters use 1903 Springfields, lever action rifles, Lee-Enfields, and M1 Garands. We have a special division set-up for rimfire rifles. The only thing we ask is that you avoid belted magnums, as they tend to do a number on our steel. We do recommend that you have some sort of sighting system on it though.
    • If no, go get one.

  2. Do you have a pistol?
    • If it is 9mm Makarov, or .38 Special or greater, go to 3.
    • If you don't have one, go get one.

  3. Do you have a sling for your rifle?
    • If yes, go to 4.
    • If no, go buy one. You don't need any special tactical sling. A simple carrying strap from Wal-Mart will work just fine.

  4. Do you have a holster for your pistol?
    • If it is a duty/concealed carry holster, go to 5. We don't allow competition-only holsters, cross-draw holsters, or shoulder holsters. As a general rule, if it's okay to use in IDPA, you can use it here.
    • If no, go buy one, keeping in mind the above requirements.

  5. Do you have a way to feed extra ammunition into your rifle?
    • If you have a way to feed at least 40 rounds into your rifle, go to 6. The feeding device could be a magazine, stripper clips, enbloc clips, or even your fingers. You will rarely need more than 40 rounds in a stage.
    • If you don't, go buy some.

  6. Do you have a way to feed extra ammunition into your pistol?
    • If you can feed at least 30 rounds into your pistol, go to 7. The feeding device could be extra magazines, speed loaders, speed strips, or even just loose ammo in a pouch (although that would not be recommended for a semi-auto).
    • If no, go buy some.

  7. Do you have a way to carry all of your feeding devices (pockets count)?
    • If yes, go to 8.
    • If no, go buy some pants/shorts with pockets (or a sporran if your man enough to wear a kilt).

  8. Do you know where your rifle will hit between 1" and 200 yards?
    • If yes, go to 9.
    • If no, get to the range and zero it. It shouldn't take you more than 20 rounds to do so. Find a distance that you like, and zero your gun to that distance. Then do a little bit of shooting at various distances between 1" and 200 yards, and just pay attention to where the bullets hit, compared to where your sights are.

  9. Do you have 150 rounds of ammunition for your rifle and 75 rounds of ammunition for your pistol?
    • If yes, you can probably shoot our match twice, so go to 10.
    • If no, go get enough.

  10. Do you know where the Pima Pistol Club is?

  11. Do you have $15.00?
    • That's the match fee if you are not a member of the Pima Pistol Club. Pima Pistol Club members pay only $10.00. If yes, go to 12.
    • If no, scrounge through your couch cushions, brew your own coffee instead of getting an overpriced crappy latte from Starbucks, and generally save up.

  12. Are you free on the 3rd Saturday of every month?
    • If yes, then you have no excuse. Come out and shoot with us. We start sign in and squadding at 8:30am. We usually run until about 1:30 to 2:00, so you'll probably want to schedule a whole day. If you have to leave early, just let the RO know when you have to leave.
    • If no, then try to arrange your schedule to come out. The matches are a lot of fun, and will give you a great idea of where your skill-set is using your guns in a practical manner.