This match bases its range commands on the assumption that shooters will come to the starting position with their pistols holstered unloaded and holstered, long arms unloaded with muzzles pointed safely downrange.

Shooter will not come to the starting area until requested to by the RO.

  1. "Load." - The shooter may now load their stage appropriate firearms and assume the starting position.
  2. "Is the shooter ready?"
  3. "Stand By." 
  4. Start Signal - This will be the timer BEEP or any other start signal as specified.

Once shooter has completed the stage (or time has expired):

  1. "If you are finished, unload and show clear."  - 

    Shooter may unload only when instructed to by the RO and while under RO supervision with the following procedure:  Magazine will be removed, action will be held open, chamber will be visually identified as empty, action will be closed and firearm will be dry fired while pointing at the downrange impact berm.   Not waiting for the RO or dry firing at the ground or feet is grounds for match DQ.

  2. "Slide Down/Bolt Closed/Hammer Down." 
  3. "Range is safe." 

Other Commands...

"Muzzle!" The RO will give this command as a warning to the shooter if he/she is close to breaking the 180. Failure to take corrective action may result in disqualification.

"Stop!" or "Cease Fire!" At this command, the shooter will stop firing and remain at his/her current position. This command is only to be issued if a safety violation have been committed, or there is some other hazard present. ANYONE present may yell this command at any time necessary.