This match uses the following divisions:

  • Tactical Iron:  Rifles with iron sights; no bipods allowed on rifles; handguns with iron sights, limited to 30 round magazines rifles, pistols may NOT start with "happy sticks" (IE: hyper extended magazines), semi auto only.
  • Tactical Scope:  Rifles with any single optic; no bipods allowed on rifles; handguns with iron sights, pistols may NOT start with "happy sticks" (IE: hyper extended magazines), semi auto only.
  • Open:  Rifles with multiple sighting systems or bipods; slide mounted red dots allowed on handguns.  Full auto SMG usage permitted.  Due to range "issues", not us, we're prevented from full automatic rifle caliber fire.   Sorry.
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine:  Any long arm firing a pistol caliber, including rimfire rounds; no handgun will be used with this division (unless the shooter is using only a pistol only).  This includes full auto SMGs.
  • Armored:  Any rifle and any pistol are allowed to be used, but the shooter must wear rifle plates (front and back) while shooting.  Full auto allowed.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ARMORED HAS SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS FOR THE GEAR RETENTION RULE.  
  • Manual:  Any gun originally designed as a manually operated long arm, be it a bolt action, pump, lever gun or whatever else that isn't semi-automatic.  Any single sighting system allowed, irons are always allowed in addition to the sighting system if there is one. Any feeding system allowed.  Any iron sighted pistols allowed.  If the manual long arm is chambered in a pistol caliber, the competitor can run with or without a pistol and remain in this division.
  • GEAR RETENTION: You may not take OFF gear for a particular stage or put ON gear for a particular stage.  All guns (even when not used or loaded at stage start) must be cleared at the end of each stage.

    Example: If you're wearing a pistol and a pistol belt, it stays on for all 4 stages even if the stage doesn't require it. This includes the pistol itself. 


    Armored shooters may alter the configuration of their rifle from stage to stage as long as they carry everything they're going to use throughout the match through all the stages.

    Example: Putting a bipod on for 200 yards and taking it off for Stage 4 but retaining the bipod on their person throughout the entire match.

  • Muzzle brakes are allowed in all divisions if they meet the following criteria: They are no more than 1" in diameter and no more then 2.75" in length.
  • Suppressors are allowed in all divisions.
  • Magazines containing ammunition must be retained except in the event of clearing a malfunction or if stage design requires shooter to unload artificially (for safety or other reasons) on the clock.
  • All divisions BESIDES Open, PCC & Armored are limited to 30 round magazines on rifles & pistols may NOT start with "happy sticks" (IE: hyper extended magazines).

It is advised that all holsters be able to retain the pistol through vigorous movement, including, but not limited to: running 100 yards; diving under obstacles; and climbing over obstacles.

It is advised that competitors bring gloves and have a sling on their rifle.

It is advised that shooters have a way to carry enough magazines to shoot up to 30 rounds from their pistol, or 50 rounds from their rifle.