This is a list of friends, supporters and helpful links for the 2G-ACM match.

We'd like to kindly thank all the support we receive not only in terms of occasional prizes for competitors, but advertising, video and photographic content, blogging and general well wishes received from anyone included here.

InRange.TV: This is a collaborative video project between Karl and Ian regarding historic and modern firearms with some history lessons mixed in.  Please check it out!

Forgotten Weapon's Video Channel: Videos of unique and historical firearms, their method of functioning and even live fire demonstrations.

SMG Guns: Manufacturer and gun wizards of incredibly awesome projects like the semi-auto reproduction FG42s in 308 and 8mm.   These guys are great people and make awesome firearms; they're also supporters of the match!   

NRA: 2G-ACM is now an NRA recruiter!   If you need to renew or join, please do so with the NRA hotlink here.

Sinistral Rifleman Blog:  Video content, reviews of matches, gear and general shooting tips and advice.

Sinistral Rifleman's Webstore: Accessories and goodies for your match shooting needs.  Remember, slings are required at 2G-ACM.  Coupon code 2GACM2013 for $5.00 off all sling products!

Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts: One of Tucson's best gun stores, supporters of the match and frequent donator of prizes, and match participants!

Disruptive Tactical:  Another great store in Tucson as well as match participants.

Forgotten Weapons: An incredible resource in regards to esoteric and interesting firearms information, historical and current.  Any student of the firearm should find this compelling.