On 4/30/16 the Tucson division will be hosting a special shotgun 2G-ACM event.

This is two gun, no rifle or carbine, a shotgun and a pistol.  You can transition to your pistol once your shotgun is empty, or you can reload your shotgun.  It is possible to shoot this entire match with NO pistol and shotgun only, if desired.

Please see this page for the rules and divisions.

This is the MINIMUM round count for this match, please note that you can switch things up - you could go all slugs or all buck for stage 1, or you could use some buck and slug for stage 1.  

Stage 2 could be a mix of buck and bird, but no slugs.  

Stage 3 requires at least 3 slugs.

Stage 4 is  buck or birdshot only.  

You will need this amount of these specific types of rounds at a MINMUM, this is with NO MISSES and NO ERRORS, so plan accordingly:

Stage 1 - 12 buck or 12 slug or a mix thereof. (24 rounds minimum)

Stage 2 - 16 bird or 16 buck or a mix thereof.  (24 rounds minimum)

Stage 3- 3 slugs required, 10 bird or buck, or more slugs. (13 rounds minimum)

Stage 4- 11 birdshot or 11 buck or a combination thereof.  No slugs! (11 rounds minimum)