• Long Arm Any bolt action or period correct (1914-1918) semi/fully automatic rifles.   Bolt actions must be stripper clip or manually fed with a magazine capacity no greater than 10 rounds, using only iron sights.  Detachable magazines may not be used for reloads at any time.   Obviously we'd encourage you to bring out legitimate WW1 rifles such as the P14/P17, Enfield, Gew98, 1903 Springfield, Etc.
  • Pistol: Any revolver or pistol with iron sights only.   Modern pistols may only load magazines to 8 round capacity, period correct firearms may be loaded to their full capacity using magazines or feeding systems that are period correct (1914-1918).
  • Bayonet & Knife: If you have a bayonet for your rifle, bring it.  It is not required but there is potential for a stage to require bayonetting or stabbing a target.  We will provide a knife if you do not bring a bayonet or your own for this purpose.
  • GEAR RETENTION: You may not take OFF gear for a particular stage or put ON gear for a particular stage.  All guns (even when not used or loaded at stage start) must be cleared at the end of each stage.